11. To create a fresh roku.com link account for a new user:

  • Select ‘Create New Account’
  •  Enter the following credentials:
    •  First Name
    • Last Name
    •  Email Address
    •  Password – verify the password after creating it

12. For your purchase transactions you have to create a PIN

13. Choose a payment method and provide your credit card details

14. There will be a one-time charge for purchasing a channel

15. A choice of channels will be provided by the player – add the ones that you prefer

16. You can make credit card payments for the channels that you wish to purchase

17. During the Roku Setupthe streaming player gives you more than 1000 channels to view

18. Add and enjoy them from your streaming Roku player

19. After the device refreshes itself, all the new channels that you have chosen will be shown on your device

20. Login to roku.com/link for any further information

Setting up the Roku video streaming device using the Roku activation code (roku.com/link)

Connect your Roku Premiere, Express and Stick to watch your favorite streaming channels
What we have described here are comprehensive instructions to setup your Roku. The information provided below is suitable for every contemporary model that is present in the market today and could also apply to devices that we introduce in the future.
This is because some of the conventional models did not use the HDMI to obtain a video connection and transmit signals to the TV. But we can assure you that the following installation procedure should be acceptable to about 98% of the devices that have currently proliferated in the market. For models that are older, we recommend you to simply look for the type of video connection that is available on the Roku streamer (roku.com/link) and your TV.

Answer these before you setup your Roku:

Setup Roku Streaming Stick

Is my network wired or wireless internet?

Wired or Wireless internet: Roku’s prefers the wired connection for activation because it is faster. Besides, your neighbor’s wireless system would not interfere with yours! Also be aware that some Roku devices use a wired connection and some don’t.
The Roku Stick and Express usually use the wireless – so when you are setting these up, ignore the ‘wired’ part.

Here is what you have to gather for a wired connection:

  • The Roku streaming device should be able to use the wired input
  • Your Ethernet cable should have an active internet service

If you have the above, plug the cable into the socket and use the wired connection

What if you do not want to use a wired connection?

Use the wireless or ‘Wi-Fi’ instead. When you continue with your setup process, the device will display list of networks that it has detected and allow you to choose yours from it. Enter your password to the network (which it should, otherwise it would be ‘open’ to everyone and they can use it without your consent!)

activate roku - Wired or Wireless internet