– How to setup and activate Roku activation code in Roku com link ?

You can set up your Roku device in just a few simple steps:

1. Plug in the device

2. Press ‘Ok’ to continue

3. Connect to your network

  •  Here you have to choose either wired or wireless connection

Note: You can opt for either one of the choices and the steps still remain the same

  • Select ‘Wireless’
  • The device will automatically look for the wireless networks nearby
  • It will then list it on the next page
  • Click on your preferred network name

Note: You can easily recognize your network name on the list

  •  Enter your password where the cursor blinks
  •  Use the arrow keys to navigate the keyboard that you see on the screen
  • Go down to ‘Connect’ and press ‘Ok’
  •  The device will now start detecting your internet connection and then connect to the internet through your local network

Note: This is usually written underneath your wireless router. If not, contact your broadband service provider

  •  The next section will ask you to select your timezone and the clock for your home screen
  •  Click on ‘Next’

4. When you first plug in your Roku and go through all the stages to choose language, region etc. you will come to a page that will display

5. Open your computer or laptop

6. Click on any of the web browsers icons such as Chrome, Explorer etc.

7. Enter the following web address

8. This will take you to a web page and in the empty space provided, enter your Roku Activation Code

9. You can also use your existing Roku com link account.

10. If you do not have an existing Roku Account, create a new account and then link your Roku device. Click on Roku com link sign in to login to your account.

Roku TV

Roku Express

Roku Express +

Roku Ultra

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Premiere

Roku Premiere +

11. To create a fresh link account for a new user:

  • Select ‘Create New Account’
  • Enter the exact Roku link code to create your account.
  •  Enter the following credentials:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Password – verify the password after creating it. Ensure you use the appropriate Roku account login credentials.

12. For your purchase transactions, you have to create a PIN

13. Choose a payment method and provide your credit card details

14. There will be a one-time charge for purchasing a channel

15. A choice of channels will be provided by the player – add the ones that you prefer. Use the exact Roku channel codes to add the subscription or Private channels.

16. You can make credit card payments for the channels that you wish to purchase

17. During the Roku Setup, the streaming player gives you more than 1000 channels to view

18. Add and enjoy them from your streaming Roku player

19. After the device refreshes itself, all the new channels that you have chosen will be shown on your device

20. Login to for any further information

21. You can refer the Roku account help guidelines mentioned in our Blogs. To Setup your device, Roku com activate steps are also available.

How do I get an activation code for my Roku?

To get a new activation code for Roku, Press the star button on your Roku Remote. Once you receive the new code, visit and then enter the Code. Wait for a few seconds till your Device gets Updated.

Setting up the Roku video streaming device using the Roku com link enter code (

  • Connect your Roku Premiere, Express and Stick to watch your favorite Roku channels by using the exact Roku channel codes.
  • To add some private channels, it is essential to enter link code. What we have described here are comprehensive instructions to set up your Roku.
  • The information provided below is suitable for every contemporary model that is present in the market today and could also apply to devices that we introduce in the future.
  • Visit our blog page for more Roku support guidelines.
  • This is because some of the conventional models did not use the HDMI to obtain a video connection and transmit signals to the TV.
  • But we can assure you that the following installation procedure should be acceptable to about 98% of the devices that have currently proliferated in the market.
  • For models that are older, we recommend you to simply look for the type of video connection that is available on the Roku streamer ( and your TV.
  • For more updates, you can visit our website link Roku com

Answer these before you set up your Roku :

Is my network wired or wireless internet?

  • Wired or Wireless internet: Roku’s prefers the wired connection for activation because it is faster.
  • Besides, your neighbor’s wireless system would not interfere with yours!
  • Also be aware that some Roku devices use a wired connection and some don’t.The Roku Stick and Express usually use the wireless – so when you are setting these up, ignore the ‘wired’ part.

Here is what you have to gather for a wired connection:

  • The Roku streaming device should be able to use the wired input. Before you link the roku device to your account, make sure you follow all the setup roku guidelines on
  • Your Ethernet cable should have an active internet service
  • If you have the above requirements, plug the cable into the socket and use the wired connection.

Where is the source of your electrical power inlet?

Roku streaming devices use two types of power inputs. To activate Roku TV all you have to do is plug into its main power and the inbuilt streaming system will automatically garner power.

  • Streaming devices:If your wall transformer is not USB-supported and has a non-detachable cord, then it should be as follows:
    • The transformer can be plugged into the electric socket in the wall
    • The round tip of the cord can then be plugged into the input port on the device
  • For streaming Stick and Express: These devices usually use the USB and the power cord and transformer are separate. Choose any of the following options to plug in:
    • Use the transformer directly
    • If there is a USB port on the TV, plug the cord into it

Here are some things that you should remember and relate to:

  • A USB power adapter is also called transformer
  • Transformer also called the TV end, the USB cable and the Roku Express and Stick
  • The Roku Express end and USB cable
  • The transformer or TV end of the Roku streaming stick and the Roku Express look alike. The other end is either right angled like an Express cable and instead of a pictured trapezoidal plug could have a round one
  • Therefore, you can plug one end into a wall power adapter and the device end into the Roku Express or streaming stick.

What if you do not want to use a wired connection?

Use the wireless or ‘Wi-Fi’ instead. When you continue with your Setup roku process, the device will display a list of networks that it has detected and allowed you to choose yours from it. Enter your password to the network (which it should, otherwise it would be ‘open’ to everyone and they can use it without your consent!)

How can I select my videos?

Use the Remote Control that comes along with the device to navigate channels and videos. You can use the buttons on your TV too – before that:

  •  Ensure that you have plugged your Roku Device into the TV or activated the Roku within your TV (if it is a part of your TV)
  •  Also, make sure that the port in your TV is meant for transmitting the videos from the device into the screen.

I have received some batteries with my Roku Device. Where do they go?

  • Along with the device, you will receive a set of batteries, which you have to insert into the back of the remote.
  • Open the small door and as you insert the batteries, check for the polarity (‘+’ and ‘-‘signs) to place them correctly.

How do I know if my Roku is connected to the Roku com link account?

Once you connect your device, the Roku logo will appear on the TV screen. If the logo is not displayed then you may want to check the below steps which are already available on www Roku com link:

  •  If you have plugged the player correctly into its electrical socket
  •  That the HDMI cable is secure on both ends of the TV and the device
  • Your TV is compatible with the HDMI cable input

How do I pair my remote using the steps on

Pairing your remote is simple. Use the following steps:

  •  Open the battery door (at the back of the remote)
  •  You will see a button at the bottom
  • Express and TV:
    • Press and hold the button down for about 3 seconds as you aim it at the player
  • Streaming Stick:
    •  Regular remotes use invisible beams of infra-red light to communicate with the devices. But because the streaming stick is invariably located behind the TV and out of sight, radio signals are used for communicating commands. This way the remote does not have to be aimed at the device

What happens after I select the language during the setup?

After you have selected your preferred language, the names of all the wireless networks available in your vicinity (including yours) will be displayed on your screen. You just have to select your network and enter its password.

  • If you are successful, a green symbol is seen
  •  A Red ‘x’ is indicative of failure
    • In this case, check if you have entered your password correctly. You may also want to know that passwords are case sensitive

Do I need any additional software updates?

The player automatically downloads any software updates from that may be required. It may take several minutes before this is done. The player restarts once the update is completed. The Roku Activation Code will then be displayed on the screen. Go to to create an account and enter this code to connect your player.

Roku’s customer service team is always ready to help you. Call our toll free for more information.

Different Types of Roku Models

  • A premium Roku product
  • Considered as the best
  • Slightly bigger than the Roku Express and Express+
  • Measures 124.5 x 124.5 x 21.6 mm
  • Comes with a USB and Micro SD slots
  • View personal photos and videos with the MP4 playback
  • Dolby Digital Audio effect with HDMI or even the optical output
  • Remote has a headphone jack for private listening
  • Night listening mode
  • Lost remote locator in case you misplace your remote – press a button on the box and get an alert
  • Instant gaming buttons on the remote
  • Voice search option
  • RF technology – use the remote even if the box is not seen

The features of the latest Roku streaming media players are also available on www Roku com link.

  • One of the topline of Roku models
  • Measures as much as the Roku Ultra
  • Also sizable than the Express and Express+
  • Supports dual band Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Comes with a Micro SD slot – view your photos and videos on your TV
  • For viewing during the late hours – night listening mode
  • Faster than the older Roku 1 model
  • Audio output jack for plugging in your headphones and private listening
  • Uses detectable RF technology
  • Has a sleek, compact design
  • Measures no more than 35.6 x 83.8 x 17.8 mm
  • Backward compatible and works for older television versions
  • Dolby pass for audio with HDMI
  • Compatibility to HDTV
  • Remote comes with an IR blaster – keep the box in sight to use it
  • Control the box with Android and iOS
  • Does not require any cables
  • Comes with a built-in tuner
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Provides superior quality 4K streaming

Roku Free Channels

How to use your Roku device after Roku com link account setup?

The Roku player uses a computer or a TV to display its content. Besides this, you will also require a high-speed internet connection. Having gathered all the required hardware, you can follow the instructions provided in the Roku manual that comes along with the box to create the Roku com link account.

Here is what can do for you:

  •  Watch a wide range of free channels with choices of subscription
  •  Activate Roku account and Stream your content in 1080p HD streams
  •  Settings and options can be configured with the remote
  •  You can use either the wired or wireless network to stream your videos and movies
  •  Activate private listening with your headphones attached to the remote
  •  Reduce loud noises and enhance soft noises with the night listening mode

You may also like the following models of the Roku:

  1. Roku (1-4)
  2. Roku Ultra
  3. Roku Premiere and Premiere+
  4. Roku Express and Express+

Valuable Tip: Use a high-speed internet to get the best out of your Roku player.

All about the Roku

Activate Roku channels to stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and channels through internet using the inimitable Roku player. Setting up the device is a breeze. But it is not uncommon to face issues with the process. Users find it most difficult to surpass the account during the setup process.
Our website provides you with comprehensive information with regard to your device and Roku channel activation using We are committed to giving our users a good experience and make their Roku journey memorable. Understand your device thoroughly before you before you activate your streaming player. Watch HD video quality content and continuous streaming at the fraction of a cost. It might even cost you more to go to a movie theater. Instead, enjoy the latest movies and other high-quality entertainment in the comfort of your home.
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