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Amazon Video on Roku

Amazon Prime Video has been upping the ante in the streaming services sector since its inception. It has been steadily trying to catch up with the likes of Netflix by buying exclusive rights to TV Shows. By trying to build its library of content and even producing some original series, the company now has around 40,000 titles available to be streamed by Prime members. Activate Amazon Video on Roku by calling the toll-free number +1-805-322-1700 to get some the best blockbusters into your television for a nominal fee.

Activate Amazon Video on Roku

About Amazon Video

With acclaimed original content and access to a lot of popular TV shows and movies, Amazon video adds value to streaming entertainment. If you want to stick around you get a 30-day free trial when you Sign up for the service. If the title you’re looking for isn’t available for streaming, then Amazon conveniently lets you rent it or even buy it. This is one of the unique services provided by the channel. Set up parental controls, if you don’t want certain members of your household making purchases with your card or viewing certain content. Amazon always keeps its original content up to date.

Trial Period Offers

Amazon Prime gives awesome free two-day shipping on qualifying products during the free trial period. You don’t get access to these benefits according to the website’s information page once the trial period is over. Get an all-encompassing Prime membership to get the following:

  • Free two-day shipping
  • Prime Video
  • Prime Music
  • The Kindle lending library

Interface and Service

While there are no personalized recommendations available on the service, you are free to navigate and browse content that you wish to watch with absolute ease. If required, browse by channel, another unique offering that is not provided even by channels like Netflix. Payment is organized when you watch content from each content. If you’d prefer avoiding a subscription, you can sometimes purchase one episode at a time, depending on the channel. Movie titles appear as available when you hover the cursor over the name. Through services such as HBO, Showtime, activate Starz, etc., you have to pay an additional fee to watch a movie. When you search by genre or title, the search results also contain options that you have to pay for.


Get a package of free streaming TV and movie content at $79 per year for the Prime Service. There is also some amount of free prime content available for the viewers. This seems like a subset of Netflix but there are some wonderful Amazon Prime exclusives that you do not want to miss. The movie rentals are less expensive than iTunes. Execute purchasing or renting of content on the website. Become an Amazon Prime Subscriber to get a whole lot of free streaming content.

Other Benefits

Activate Amazon Video on Roku to get a host of other benefits too such as The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card. Get 5% back on your purchases on the website and even if you don’t have a Prime membership you will get about 3% back. Amazon original series such as the Golden Globe-winning Transparent, and others like Mozart in the Jungle, Bosch, and Doctor Thorne are instantly accessible with the membership.

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