How to activate Netflix on Roku | setup Netflix app on Roku

Do you have the Netflix app on your Roku yet?

Netflix is one of those channels without which there is no point in having a streaming player at home. It offers a wide variety of shows and movies from which one can choose without having to pay each time for a new show or the latest movie. So it is essential for you to know how to activate Netflix on Roku. But before adding channels to your Roku device, it is mandatory that you should get your devices activated using your Roku activation code. If you do not have a code or have forgotten your previous code, there’s nothing to worry. Call on our toll-free number and get your devices activated with the help of our Roku customer service team.

Activate Netflix on Roku

Learn how to setup and activate Netflix on Roku

install the Netflix app directly from the Roku channel store or use the below-given steps to add it right from your TV’s home screen.

  • From the main Home page of Roku on your TV go to the Streaming channels option
  • Here, select the Movies & TV option under which you will find Netflix
  • Now add the channel and sign in to enjoy your favorite movies and shows on your favorite Netflix channel
  • If you don’t already have a Netflix account, you will have to setup your online membership first

Need help in setting up your Roku and your Netflix account? Call us now for instant activation.

Why should you choose Netflix?

Compared to other subscription channels on Roku, you will find that Netflix is the only channel with the widest range of programs. This could be TV shows or Movies. It also offers a trial period of one month within which you could decide whether to continue your subscription or not. Another good thing about Netflix is there are no in-app purchases. Meaning, once you pay your monthly or yearly subscription you need not pay separately for any show or movie. This should be a good enough reason for you to activate on Roku soon. Some of the popular shows now playing on Netflix include Game of Thrones Season 7, House of Cards, Orange is the new black and so on.

Also, watch some of the latest movies or maybe even older ones that you missed watching in the theaters . So what are you guys waiting for? Pick up your phones and call us @ +1-805-322-1700 to activate Netflix on Roku. For further guidance visit our website Roku Com Link

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