Activate SHOWTIME ANYTIME on Roku to watch your favorite content

What SHOWTIME offers its users?

SHOWTIME is one of the most happening channels on the Roku channel store. They offer both original and on-demand content for their users. Guess what, they also have a 7 day free trial period. After which you have to pay less $12 per month as subscription charges towards the channel. So How to activate SHOWTIME ANYTIME on Roku

Assuming that you have already activated your devices, the SHOWTIME channel activation is an easy process. It hardly takes a few minutes. Otherwise, activate your Roku device first and then, add the channel. The activation process is more or less common to most Roku devices. However, these models are different from one another in terms of their features and specifications. Moreover, you need a Roku account to begin the activation.


Steps for account creation

  • Go to the Roku com website and create a new account
  • You may need to provide your personal details and payment info for this process
  • And, it is necessary to set a PIN for your Roku com link account

Steps for device activation

  • Move on to device activation once you have created an account
  • You have to link your device to an account and the account manages the content displayed on your device
  • So link the device using Roku activation code
  • Before you begin, obtain the code from your TV’s display screen and use it for activation

Steps to activate SHOWTIME ANYTIME on Roku

  • Open the home screen menu on your recently activated device
  • The streaming channels menu contains a list of all channels officially available from Roku
  • Search for and add the SHOWTIME channel and also activate the live stream feature

Did you learn how to activate and watch movies on SHOWTIME in Roku? The next step is to know what is featuring on this channel.

What’s featuring on SHOWTIME?

You will find the latest movies and TV shows right here on SHOWTIME. Apart from this, you can also stream on-demand sports events, documentaries without being interrupted by commercials. Yes, you heard us right, this is an ad-free channel and hence you shouldn’t bother with paying the subscription SHOWTIME Roku channel comes free with your SHOWTIME subscription and you can watch hit movies, comedy specials, shows, documentaries and many more

Stream shows such as Ray Donovan, Twin Peaks, and Dexter exclusively on this channel. Here is a short description of what you can expect from these shows.


This is the story of a family with an irresponsible family head. You could relate to many heart-touching scenes on this show.

Twin Peaks

The plot revolves around a detective and how he solves the murder mystery of a young girl.

Ray Donovan

A crime drama that deals with the personal and professional life of a fixer of a law firm.

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