Best Roku 3 Streaming Media Player With Voice Search

Best Roku 3 Streaming Media Player With Voice Search

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Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

The Roku 3 essentially replaces the Roku 2 XS at the top of Roku’s streaming media players. There are several other devices that have different features and capabilities, but the Roku 3 is considered a top end model and is priced at a mere $99. You can view both 1080p and HD videos. The player comes with a motion control remote so that you can use it for navigation and gaming as well.

There are a few new features added to the Roku 3 including a new design and an improved internal hardware that gives 4 times the performance of its previous versions. It also supports dual-band Wi-Fi, which has a better range. The Roku 3 is the only model that has an Ethernet port and a USB port for connecting external storage.

The device also has the ability to connect headphones to the remote control that helps you override the audio on the television, broadcast it over the headphones into your remote and listen to the streams privately. The headphones are included with the package.

What’s in the box?

A standard Roku 3 package will contain the setup guide, the remote, batteries for the remote, headphones with multiple ear tips, the power cord on the other side and some important product information booklets at the bottom of the box. Refer to the setup guide to activate and use your Roku com link account.

Roku 3 Features:

Best Roku 3 Streaming Media Player With Voice Search


The Roku 3 is a small device, which can be used with the HDMI cable. The Ethernet jack of the Wi-Fi is built-in, which means you can either use the Ethernet or the Wi-Fi. The remote control is the biggest difference in the Roku 3. Being the favorite of all players, the Roku 3 is upgraded to offer more apps than any other model and has a fully-customizable interface that doesn’t prioritize one service over another and provides the same speedy response times for all the channels.

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The Roku com link account setup process is simple and easy to execute

The one major new feature is the Voice Search on the remote. Moreover, it works really well and recognizes most of the searches with absolutely no problems. The biggest advantage of the Roku is that its search comes through 17 different services including Netflix, HBO Go, FXNow and Voodoo unlike competitors who do not have any of these services. The search results also clearly reveal the cost of a service as against the ones that are free as part of your subscription. This is a big benefit offered only by the Roku.

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