Difference between Roku vs Amazon Fire Stick

Difference between Roku vs Amazon Fire Stick

Talk about streaming and the names which pop up immediately Roku or Amazon Fire Stick. There are many differences to Difference between Roku vs Amazon Fire Stick. You can read this article and get a clear understanding about the differences. Roku is always a front-runner when it comes to streaming business.

Difference between Roku vs Amazon Fire Stick


  • Design wise both the devices are more or less the same.
  • Dongles in a rectangular shape which you can plug in into the HDMI port on your television.
  • You can also use the HDMI extension in case you cannot insert the dongle properly behind your TV.
  • Both the devices have a pretty plain design.
  • Fire Stick separately requires an external wall adapter to work without any issues.
  • Inserting it into the TV’s USB port may result in performance issues.


  • Setting up both the devices is again very simple.
  • It will not take more than ten minutes
  • You will only need a working internet connection along with the device to do it.
  • Roku and Fire Stick setup also requires a login to link your device to your account.
  • You can also provide the username and password for Roku from your smartphone or computer. Visit www Roku com link for more information.
  • But Fire stick doesn’t have that feature which adds another feather to Roku’s cap.


  • The difference between Roku vs Amazon Fire stick streaming interfaces are really a matter of taste.
  • Roku’s simple and snappy interface is very much user Interface.
  • Amazon’s Interface is a lot more extravagant but not as snappy as Roku.
  • Roku’s UI is very fast and easy to navigate when compared to Amazon’s Firestick.
  • The major advantage with Roku’s UI is that you can place and arrange the channels as how you wish.
  • You cannot do that with Amazon’s fire Stick.

Operating System:

  • Though design wise both the streaming devices look more or less the same, it is in OS they differ.
  • Roku has its own OS. You don’t have to browse through the entire channel list to choose what you required.
  • Amazon’s Fire Stick uses the Android OS with an HTML skin.

Remote Control:

  • Roku comes with a Radio frequency based remote.
  • It comes with physical buttons to fiddle around.
  • You can also operate it from Roku app which you can download it from android and IOS devices.
  • Amazon fire stick also comes with a physical remote.

Additional details:

  • When it comes to channel surfing Roku is definitely the winner.
  • As a whole package of brilliant streaming experience, Roku might be the answer.
  • Compared to other streaming brands, Roku stores information in its device and account.
  • The features offered by Roku are very innovative, as they give in to both user feasibility options and performance

When you are deciding which to opt for at the end of the day, Amazon Fire stick might be a very expensive option. The Roku is a bundle of excellence which comes with a very economical pricing. The tech-savvy factor is another great cause to think about, as your decision might depend on how tech-savvy you are. In respect of Content, and performance, Roku remains unbeatable in every count.Simply sign with your Roku com link sign in to enjoy all the contents of Roku.

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