Follow Your Favorite Shows Using Roku My Feed

Follow Your Favorite Channels On Roku – Roku My Feed

Roku’s My Feed is a new way to get to the stuff that you require quickly. This feature can be accessed from the Home screen when you put the player on. The ‘My Feed’ lets you follow movies and TV shows on your Roku player. To use Roku My Feed:

  • After activating the Roku com link, go the Home screen
  • Scroll and select ‘Search’ and enter the name of the specific movie, TV show or actor
  • Even as you try entering the name of the movie, actor or director, a list of suggestions will show up
  • From the list, choose the result you require
  • Then click on ‘Ok’ in the ‘Follow on Roku’ screen


Follow Your Favorite Shows Using Roku My Feed

For a movie that is still running in a theater:

  • Go to ‘My Feed’ and then select ‘Movies Coming Soon’ to browse any upcoming movies
  • The movie you want will be displayed, from which you can select one of them
  • Press ‘Ok’ to follow the video release

The Roku com link activation process has to be carried out before you actually try to use any of the features on your Roku player.

Note: You can now Follow Your Favourite Shows Using Roku My Feed

Roku My Feed

New updates will appear in the ‘My Feed’ automatically along with the number of updates available. When you get a new update, check the number next to the ‘My Feed’ button on the Home screen.

The Roku My Feed provides you with alerts that let you know about important changes within Roku. For example, when a new movie is available or even when the price of your rental drops, you will receive a message. You will be informed when the next episode of your favorite show is available and the channels that it is being shown on. Alternatively, if you so wish, you can binge-watch the whole season. You can also discover a new movie featuring your favorite actors.

When you check Roku My Feed right after your action, your selection may not be listed. Instead, the updates appear into the My Feed only after an automatic update is received. You will see the latest update on top of the list in Roku My Feed.

If you do not require, you can also ‘Unfollow’ an item. From the Roku Search bar, enter the item that you wish to unfollow – use the instructions as above to search – then once your selection appears, click on ‘Unfollow this’.

To activate your Roku com link account:

  • Plug in your Roku Player
  • Sync your remote
  • Setup your Roku as per instructions on the screen and as outlined in the user guide that you received with the box
  • Once the code is displayed on the TV, create your own Roku com link account to stream your favorite Channels

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