How To Resolve Roku Remote Issues

Facing a problem with a Roku Remote? You will have to understand the type of your Roku remote you are currently using- Standard IR remote or the “point-anywhere” remote.  When invisible infra-red light is used for transmitting key presses, it denotes the standard IR remote. When the remote connects over the wireless network and can be pointed anywhere for usage, it denotes the enhanced “Point anywhere” remote type.Roku Remote Reset ButtonWe have come with a list of the simple techniques that can help to set your standard IR remote, back in shape.  Ensure you follow these steps to help it for smooth working:

  • Check if you can see your device frontal face, as there should be no disturbances between the device and the remote, as it might deter in having a smooth visible signal.
  • Check if the batteries are kept in proper position. You could reseat the batteries and insert it back again. Replacing batteries might also be a good option.
  • After trying the above options, if you still experience the problem, you could get a new Remote for your device.

Now for your Enhanced “point-anywhere” remote, we have attempted to hint few tips to solve your remote issues. Follow these steps to get rid of remote issues:

Try restarting device

Restarting both Roku device and remote might help. Check the battery compartment by removing the batteries from the remote. Sometimes, removing the cable from such device, and plugging back after 5 minutes might help.

Get the remote paired

Repairing does help in solving remote issues.

  • From the battery compartment, get the batteries removed. After removing, wait for few minutes to reconnect the cable.
  • After reconnecting, check for the logo, as it signifies successful connection
  • Once this process is done, ensure that the pairing process begins. Check for the lights to begin pairing process.

Pairing usually solves minor remote problems. If you still face any issues, check for battery replacement.

Get the battery replaced

  • Get the battery compartment opened and get the old batteries removed from the remote.
  • Wait for few seconds after removing the cable from the device.
  • Try inserting new batteries if you are still facing issues.
  • Connect to power again and establish the connection. Pairing the devices will help in solving the remote issues.

A general tip about the proper usage of the remote would be is to check if the remote is too hot or warm during usage. If you find it to be so, do the following steps to maintain your remote.

  • If you find the remote to be hot, it is recommended to discontinue the usage.
  • Place the remote on a hard and cool surface to let it cool. It is recommended to not remove the batteries while the remote is still hot.