Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies 2018

Hallmark Channel Christmas movies this December

Come December, it is the month of Christmas Countdown. Closer to the festival, channels are ridden with noteworthy Christmas entertainment. Likewise there are many Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies 2018 that you can enjoy.

Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies


Homegrown Christmas

Starring Victor Webster and Lori Loughlin, a former CEO Maddie (played by Loughlin) heads home and bumps into a former high-school crush Carter (played by Webster). As the local high school hosts a Christmas dance and they must put their differences aside to rehearse for it. Finally, in the process, they rediscover love.


Welcome to Christmas

On Sunday December 9th, viewers can enjoy this feature starring Jennifer Finnigan and Eric Mabius. Madison (Finnigan), a resort developer, is tasked to find a new location to build a ski resort. She has to take a trip to Colorado, to meet the mayor and assess the venue for the construction. Her car breaks down and, as a result, Gage McBride (played by Mabius) gives her a ride into town while her car is being repaired. Even as she reconsiders her options for building the ski resort at Christmas, Colorado, she gradually, starts loving the community there.


Entertaining Christmas

Claire is a perfectionist, an author, television personality and a crafting expert. The Livingston brand has found a new face in her daughter Kara. Claire contemplates retirement and at the same time, Kara is unable to match up to her mother’s expertise in cooking, sewing and a host of other activities. Claire, all set to help another young girl welcome her deployed father, instead of going herself, she sends Kara so that she can prove her worth. Now, Kara has to do everything to get a place in the Board of Directors.


A Gingerbread Romance

The architecture firm Taylor works for enters her into a contest with Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies just around the corner.On insistence, life-sized gingerbread houses are built by the teams after which, Taylor gets a promotion.Taylor instantly locks horns with Annabelle, a popular pastry chef that the company has teamed her up with. When Annabelle leaves, Taylor who is inexperienced at baking, starts looking for someone else to team up with. A baker at the local bakery and a single dad, Taylor convinces Adam to help her win the contest.


Jingle Around The Clock

Just as Elle Bennet plans spending Christmas catching up with her college friends, she has to spearhead a Christmas Campaign. Now, proving her mettle is important, especially, to get that career-boosting promotion. Max and Bennet hate each other but forcibly end up workingas a team and learning about Christmas traditions to ideate a master campaign.


Christmas Made to Order

Steven recruits Gretchen, a holiday coordinator, to host his family Christmas for him. He is an architect while Gretchen is an expert coordinator who brings Steve’s family together. Even as this ensues, they find each other getting closer, as a result.

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