How to Activate CRACKLE on Roku

Crackle channel

This is a great pick if you are planning to watch back to back movies this weekend. You can stream unedited full-length movies from the biggest movie database called Crackle. Besides, you will be able to access a huge number of movies free of cost. The movies and TV series are categorically arranged under many genres such as anime, action, comedy, horror, crime, thriller, sci-fi and so on.Therefore, finding your favorite movie or show from this huge database will take you just minutes. Do you want to know how to activate Crackle channel on Roku? You need a Roku streaming player and a couple of other devices for this. Apart from this, you need an account and an activation link code to complete the setup process.


Activate CRACKLE channel on Roku

Activate Crackle Channel on Roku

Setup your Roku first

  • Verify the wired connections between the Roku, TV and the router before you begin the setup
  • Also, make sure you use brand new cables for a first-time setup
  • Turn ON the devices and complete the initial setup
  • The device will connect to the home network and then, download the latest OS
  • Also, the device will display an activation link code
  • Make a note of this code and use it to activate the media player
  • You need to have a Roku account for device activation and management

Account creation using the website

  • Visit the Roku com link website and then, access the SIGNUP page
  • Here, enter your details such as name, email address and payment info
  • Submit the online form after creating a PIN for your account
  • Also, set a PIN preference before submitting the form
  • The account is created
  • You can then use the LOG IN page to verify account creation

Device Activation using the website

  • Open the Roku account on your personal computer or a mobile device
  • Make use of the username and password corresponding to the newly created account
  • Then, navigate to the LINK A DEVICE menu option on your account home page
  • Enter the previously noted Roku activation link code into the respective text box
  • Submit the code and verify if the device is added
  • Go to the MY DEVICES option to check if the current Roku’s serial number is present
  • Repeat the steps from the beginning if the activation was not successful

Popular shows on Crackle

When you complete adding this channel to your device, you can enjoy the following shows.

  1. Snatch
  2. Chosen
  3. Cleaners
  4. Jailbait
  5. The Bannen Way

Alternatively, visit our website or call us +1-805-322-1700 to gain assistance on how to activate Crackle channel on Roku.

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