How to Activate CW on Roku?

CW on Roku

The CW is a free channel on Roku that allows you to watch the latest TV shows that air on the cable network. Several popular shows such as Frequency, MAD TV and No tomorrow are available on this channel. First, you need to know how to activate and watch CW on Roku. Then, you can enjoy all that this channel has to offer. So why wait, when we are there to help you with device and channel activation?

Activate CW on Roku

Hardware requirements for activation

  • A television with an HDMI port (HDTV)
  • Network router
  • Roku device
  • LAN cable
  • HDMI cable

Step 1: Perform Roku device Activation

It is compulsory to activate your Roku device before you can stream content and hence, complete the activation to access the Roku’s home screen on your TV.

  • A Roku device connects to the HDTV via a high-speed HDMI cable
  • Also, make appropriate connections from the router to your streaming player
  • Use a LAN (Ethernet) cable for a wired network setup
  • Alternatively, use the Wi-Fi for a wireless network setup
  • Either way, you need a network password to connect to it
  • Retrieve the password from another device which is already connected to your network router
  • Wait till your Roku displays an activation link code as this process will take a few minutes
  • This is an alphanumeric code which is case sensitive and also, valid only for a few minutes
  • Therefore, note down the code and use the code before it expires
  • The next step in device activation is accessing your Roku com link account
  • Log into your account from a PC or a mobile device with the help of a web browser
  • Navigate to the homepage screen and select the Link a device option
  • Enter the code in the text box that displays after the page is redirected and then submit the code and verify if your device is part of your account

Step 2: The CW on Roku – Roku Channel Activation using Roku app

You can control and manage your streaming device with the Roku Mobile app. Download and install the app from the Play store or Apple store on your mobile devices also on your PCs. Therefore download, install and launch the app to complete The CW on Roku Channel Activation.

  • Open the app on your device and then navigate to the streaming channels menu
  • This menu is a representation of the channel store and hence you can search any channel here
  • Search for and add The CW channel on your app
  • Check if you are able to stream the channel on your device
  • Otherwise, restart your streaming device and try once again
  • Also, you have to enable the live streaming feature on your Roku to watch live streams of the church services

Thus, you can successfully add and enjoy The CW on Roku Channel. So do you know how to activate CW on Roku? If you still have doubts, you can call us anytime at our toll-free number +1-805-322-1700 or visit our website

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