Ultimate streaming device – Roku

Roku is one of the most popularly used streaming players in the market and also with its top notch features and unbeatable price plus service it is widely used across the United States. Roku Code is necessary to activate your Device.

How to Activate Roku Code?

Roku activation code is basically a four digit alphanumeric character code which prompts on your Roku TV screen when you are trying to setup your Roku streaming player for the first time. Further this code is necessary to activate the device or else activation of the Roku player will fail.

Activate Roku Code to add your best Roku Channels

How to link Roku Code?

Roku Code Link will be visible on the user TV screen during the initials Roku setup process. However, there may be chances that it gives an error when you try to feed in on your laptop to finish the process. Here what you will do is pick up your Roku remote and press the “Star” button there and then select new Roku code link.

How to Add the Best Roku Channels

Roku provides a multitudinous set of channels to its users wherein they can opt or add their favorite channels based on the interest in a particular type of genre.

Well, Roku works in almost a similar way as any of our modern day devices will in the sense it has something called as “Roku Channel Store” where it stores its list of channels which one can access anytime. Moreover, some of them may be chargeable, which means to add that channel you will have to shell out some bucks.

Further to add to this, check out these steps below to add a new channel to your list.

>First you will be able to open the Channel store using “Streaming Channels” options onto your Roku remote.

>Second, you can scroll in upwards or downwards direction to go through the entire list. Also what you can do is use buttons to do a forward or reverse scan in case you wish to jump the entire screen.

>Furthermore to add the channel, use ADD CHANNEL on your Roku remote and you will be able to add your favorite channel much easily.

>However, there are channels on Roku Channel Store which require subscription means you will be paying some monthly charges to access it.

>If the channel is free of cost, adding it should be real quick and easy. But if it is paid you will be asked to add your credit card details first and then you can add the channel.

Some of the Best Channels Available on Roku

Besides, we are always curious as a new customer what best channels ROKU has to offer. Here is the enlisting done of some of the cool channels that are available on Roku as of date.

>Cineplex Store


>Yupp TV





>Sundance Now

>House & home Television


>Christmas Music Channel

>Celtic Relaxation Channel

>Home Channel

>Latino PBS

>Happy Café Relaxation Channel


Roku by far has been the best available streaming device with not only it’s reasonable and affordable pricing but its variety of channel services that it offers ranging from international to local.

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