How to Enable Screen Mirroring on Your Roku device

Enable Screen Mirroring on your Roku device

With screen mirroring you can replicate the screen of your smartphone or windows device on to the TV. To use Screen Mirroring, It is essential to Set up its features. All of the latest Models of the Roku Streaming Devices support the Screen Mirroring Feature. Here are some of the easy steps to Enable Screen Mirroring on your Roku Device:

Enable Screen Mirroring on your Roku device

How to Cast the Screen of the Android Device on your Roku

Go to the Settings Menu On your Android Device and Enable the Screen Mirroring Feature.

As soon as the Screen Mirroring request is made from your Android or Windows Device, the Onscreen Prompts will be Visible on the Bottom of your Roku Device Screen

Android Devices with Version 4.2 Support screen Mirroring. Make sure you connect the Devices such as Android Phones to the same Network to that of your Roku Device

Additionally, Android users can Go to the settings > Display > Cast Screen to enable the Screen Mirroring Feature and the Roku Device will be Visible. Simply tap on the Device and Press the Connect Button to Cast the Device screen

Note- www Roku com link is where you can find more information about screen mirroring

Terms used for Screen Mirroring

  • Smart View
  • Quick Connect
  • Smart Share
  • Screen Casting
  • Display Mirroring
  • HTC Connect

To Adjust and Enable Screen Mirroring on your Roku

  • To begin with, You can Press the Home Button on your Roku Remote
  • Now, choose the settings and then select System
  • Now Select the Screen Mirroring tab
  • Once you make a screen Mirroring Request, your Roku Device will Display a Prompt.
  • You can accept it and then Follow the Onscreen Instructions
  • Also, choose the name of the Device from the List visible on the screen
  • In addition, to enable screen mirroring on your Roku device, a Roku com link account is essential

How to Cast the screen of your Windows Phone on your Roku Device or Enable Screen Mirroring on your Roku

  • To begin with, Power on your Device and then go to the Settings
  • You can now scroll Down to the Section Project My screen
  • Also, select your Roku Device to Begin the Screen Mirroring Feature

Windows 8.1 Users

Similarly, to cast the Screen of your Windows 8.1 Device, Go to the Settings> Click on the PC and Devices> Add the Devices. Search for the Drop Down Menu and the Roku device will be Visible. Tap on the Roku device to Cast the Screen

Hope that the above steps are Sufficient to Enable Screen Mirroring on your Roku device. To know more, you can Visit our website or Dial the toll-free number +1-805-322-1700

In the event that you find any issues,  we have the best team to support and assist you further.

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