Add Channels To Your Account By Entering Roku Channel Codes

Find and Enter the Roku Channels Codes

Being a new Roku user, you should be thinking about how to enter in channel codes on Roku, we certainly have an article of how these channels codes can be used to stream! Stay tuned since we enable you to get more particulars on Roku channel codes and how to enter channel codes on Roku!

You should enter the channel code in your Roku account to begin streaming in order to add Roku channels. Unless you have the codes, an individual might need to find these people online, which is frustrating.

How to Enter Roku Channel Codes

Roku Channel Codes

Read on our special list of Roku channel codes below to stream certain channels:

  • Nowhere TV – use code H9DWC
  • CBS Sports, use the code CBSSports
  • Google Voice, use the code NXFBW
  • Fandango use the code Fandango
  • Disney, use the code Disney
  • Sunimi, use the code Sunimi
  • Russia TV, use the code VXRTU
  • PressTV, use the code ASV5R
  • HSN, use the code hmiwebtv
  • Nasa HD, use the code PBS ENDLESSNASA
  • TMZ, use the code TMZ
  • Viddler, use the code Viddler
  • RETRO TV, use the code MRCTV
  • MRC TV, use the code MRCTV
  • PlayOn, use the code MYPLAYON
  • BYUtv, use the code byutvbeta
  • HGTV, utilize the code HGTV
  • CNN, employ the code RBFA1
  • Fox Business, employ the code FOXBIZ
  • BBC, use the code BBCN
  • HBO GO, use the code 9OFQX
  • Crackle, enter the code Crackle
  • Picasa Web, type the code NEJXJ
  • PBS, enter the code PBS

Select the channel that you want to stream from the Roku channel store by tapping on the Add channel option. Going further, enter the appropriate Roku channel code to add the channel on your device. Prior to this process, you need to sign in to your Roku account by providing the credentials such as username and password. You could also use your email as an alternative to login to your Roku account.

Other Details

Roku channels cannot be found in the Roku Channel Store. Generally, the private channels are not reviewed or approved by Roku, as Private channels are actually distributed independently by the developers. These channels are not released in the Channel store, due to many reasons. Sometimes, the content may not be appropriate for the Roku Channel Store, or it might be in the development process. Private channels contain content which is extremely confidential or actually intended for members of a specific group. Most of the private channels come as paid versions. You need to check if the particular Roku private channel is paid or free just before you begin to supply channels.

In case you require a personal assistance to enter inside the Roku channel store, contact us through the toll-free number +1-805-322-1700. Stay tuned to this space for a lot more information on how to enter channel codes on Roku!

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