How to Install and Activate Vudu on Roku

Activate and Install Vudu on Roku

Vudu on Roku:

  • The Vudu on Roku channel is primarily an American media company and content delivery service, owned by Vudu Inc.
  • Vudu provides movies to televisions across the United States of America using the Internet.
  • The channel possesses a content delivery network, using which it distributes the content using a hybrid peer to peer television technology.
  • Interestingly, Vudu was taken over by WALMART since 2010.
  • Vudu can deliver a movie like an experience along with all the latest releases and a humongous collection of high definition library.
  • It also offers full HD 1080p content with Dolby Digital Surround Sound.
  • Vudu previously marketed set-top boxes namely the Vudu Box and Vudu XL but now, Vudu promotes only its software for Smart Televisions and Video on Demand services to other consumer electronics companies.
  • Vudu is available on almost all possible platforms like Android, iOS, PlayStation, TiVo Roamio, Xbox etc. and all ROKU devices. For smartphones, Vudu exclusively uses its application ‘VUDU app’ for streaming its content.


Activate Vudu on Roku

Vudu on Roku works in a different way:

Unlike other channels and services, you don’t have to pay the subscription fee. Vudu lets its users buy movies individually, even TV shows. It is more like, you only pay for what you watch and unnecessarily not for something you don’t ever watch. This concept suits best for people who would love to watch specific and latest movies and TV shows.

Cost of a Vudu service:

The price you pay to Vudu totally depends on what content you would want to see. Some movies can be rented out for $4.99, whereas some movies might cost you up to $14.99 to buy, depending on the movie is the latest release or among the most popular shows on television. Television shows can cost you $1.99 for each episode. You also have an option to buy the entire season as well.

How to install and activate Vudu on Roku

  • First, Select the Home button on your Roku remote
  • Now, click open the Channel Store option by selecting the streaming Channels category.
  • Then, type the keyword of the channel “Vudu”
  • Finally, choose the ADD channel option to install the VUDU on Roku.

Other ways to install Vudu on Roku:

Using the Website:

  • First, open your browser and type Roku com link
  • Now, log in by entering the Roku credentials
  • Then, look out for the channel’s name and simply click add to Roku

Using your Smartphone:

  • Open your Roku application using a smartphone.
  • Now, select the channel name ‘VUDU’
  • Then, use the application to select the Add channel option.

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