How to Jailbreak Roku?

Jailbreak Roku TV

Remove restrictions from Roku’s operating system to allow installation of the customized Kodi software. Devices do prefer stability and that is why apply meticulous diminutions to their systems. But the Jailbreak Roku process circumvents these limitations to let users install their preferred software on their devices.

Jailbreak Roku

Jailbreak Roku

Roku is one of the most popular streaming devices today and jailbreaking it may not seem so easy. While it is relatively common to use screen mirroring, the following process is applicable for jailbreaking Roku Express without screen mirroring, to jailbreak Roku TV and other associated Roku devices.

Difficult to install Kodi on Roku

A free and open source media player, Kodi has some versatile uses. With the application, you should be able to stream several other podcasts, music, videos, etc., from the internet. But more often, users are unable to install this on the Roku due to compatibility issues. Officially, Kodi does not complement the Roku and is not designed to exist on the platform. But there are other ways and means to actually upload this piece of software to watch live TV by using an add-on service, also from Kodi. There are other movie applications you can access such as Exodus.Many versions of the Kodi available and some of the latest ones are 17.3, 17.4, 17.5 and 18.

Directly Jailbreaking Roku

This may seem unconventional to most but it does work well.

  • First download Kodi’s .TAR file KODI 17.5 meant for the Roku on to your PC
  • There several versions of KODI available and one of them will work on the Roku – in this case, we are using the 17.5 version
  • Now copy the .TAR compressed file on a USB stick and plug it into your Roku
  • This should be done when the Roku is turned off
  • Then turn it on, and browse the USB stick
  • Press the SOURCE KEY on your TV’s remote and from the menu on the screen select the USB stick
  • Find the .TAR file and run it
  • In the end, whatever the Roku model that you may be using, somehow you just have to copy the .TAR file on to the device and then run it
  • Restart your systems once you see an UPGRADE COMPLETE message or something similar on your TV
  • Search for the KODI icon and you will find it there

Jailbreak Roku with screen mirroring

Get the mirroring feature ready on the Roku to install Kodi. Additionally, you need an Android Phone to accomplish this task.

  • Press the HOME button and go to SETTINGS and then SYSTEM UPDATE
  • Check the latest operating system and software version on the device
  • To successfully complete the activity, you require at least a version 5.2 or above
  • If the software is not updated, then perform a system update
  • Then head to the HOME screen and again towards the SETTINGS
  • Here choose SCREEN MIRRORING – this step is especially important when you jailbreak Roku Streaming Stick 4

Get Kodi on the Roku

Basically you are streaming Kodi from your Android. Now, get it on your TV from the Android Phone.

  • Go to SETTINGS on the Roku and then to SYSTEM and then go to SCREEN MIRRORING
  • Change the option to ENABLE SCREEN MIRRORING (this command may vary on different devices)
  • Now go back and now get on to the Android Phone where you have installed Kodi on Roku
  • Open the phone and go the SETTINGS on the device
  • Here too, select SCREEN MIRRORING – it should be available at the bottom of the screen
  • The Android Phone starts looking for devices to mirror
  • When you visualize your Roku Stick, click on it and connect the phone
  • Now, go back to the main screen of your Android as you see it on the TV screen
  • Go to Play Store and look for the current version of Kodi
  • Click on INSTALL and then after installation, click on OPEN
  • Your TV screen is filled with the application’s interface


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