How To Remove Channels From Roku Player

Remove Channels from Roku

How to Remove Channels from Roku

The first time you got your Roku device you might have ended up adding all possible channels. This will occur mainly with free channels or channel additions done by your kids. But later on you realize that you are unable to navigate through all these channels and therefore want some of them out of your device permanently. Sometimes it can also be because of channel content that is not suitable for all audiences. There are many ways in which you can achieve this goal of cleaning up your device.

Remove Channels from Roku

Remove Channels from Roku from your account or from a single device. Use the former method if you wish to affect the changes on all your devices. Here are some short steps that will help you out in the process.

Removing the channels from a single device

By using this technique the change will be in effect only on the device from which you are removing the channel. It takes a few remote presses to get it done. And the process will hardly take a minute to complete.

  • On your TV remote press the home button to go to the main page.
  • Browse through the channels and select the one which you want to remove.
  • Press the (*) button on your Roku remote and navigate to the Options menu.
  • Now all you have to do is select the Remove Channel option and confirm it.

Removing channels from Roku account

This method will allow you to remove the channel uniformly from all devices that are a part of the account. However, you may have to reboot your Roku for the change to reflect.

  • Log into your Roku com link account from your computer or laptop.
  • Navigate to the Streaming channels menu and then search for the unwanted channel.
  • Select the channel and remove it using the Remove Channel option.
  • Similarly remove all channels which you no longer need.

Removing channels using the mobile app

  • Open the application on your smartphone.
  • In the navigation bar, select the channels icon.
  • Now select the My channels option from the channels. Make sure you use the exact Roku activation code.
  • Long press on the channel to view the options and now you should select the remove option before confirming it.

So these steps should be easy enough for you to delete channels on your Roku device. In order to add or delete channels, is your Roku device active? If not call us now on our toll-free number and get your device activated soon. We will help you activate your account even if you don’t have an activation code or lost your previous code. Call us now to start streaming on your devices and enjoy your at home entertainment. For Roku activation or channel activation +1-805-322-1700 or chat with our live help

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