How to Resolve Roku Error Code 009 on your Roku TV?

What is Roku Error code 009?

Roku brings all your entertainment in one package and streams bundle of channels. And this is the reason Roku is so popular among the viewers across the States. Roku Error code 009 “Cannot connect to the Internet” pops up on your Roku TV, this implies that your available wireless network at home is not connected to the TV in a proper manner. However, this also implies that the router activity is just fine and your Roku TV is connected to the router at home.

Roku Error code 009

When will you see Roku Error code 009

Roku Error code 009 may pop up when you are trying to connect your Roku TV to the internet for the first time. Also, you can see this error when you restart your router. Further, Roku error code 009 will show up if the internet connection is new and you are trying to set it up again from scratch. Roku Error code 009 may be seen when your wireless signal strength is poor and your Roku TV fails to connect to the internet.

Few things you can check

First ensure your wireless network has the same strength in the entire house. If not then try bringing your router closer to your Roku TV. Second, also check if your Roku TV is on the same wireless network as rest of the devices at home. Third, restart your wireless network router and this will help to overcome the underlying problem. Fourth, set up the wireless network connection again on your Roku TV after router restart is successful. Also, you can reach out to your internet service provider to check if there are some problems at backend itself. Further, remove all obstacles if there are any between your Roku TV and the router.

How Will I Restart My Roku Device

Here we will list the sequence of steps that you will follow if you wish to restart your Roku device and then check again.

>First you can unplug the Roku device entirely from the power outlet.

>Second put it back on and see if the light on Roku device is ON.

>Then what you can perform a system restart on your Roku device.

>And to achieve that you will navigate to Settings and select System and finally you will choose “System Restart”.

>Further this activity will take a few minutes before your Roku device gets back on.

How Will I Restart My Wireless Network Router

>First check if there is any hard push button at the side of your router or at the back.

>If yes, then you can push the button in and wait for a couple of minutes before turning it on.

>Also if you see that there is no hard push button visible on the router you will unplug the router from its power outlet.

>Finally wait again for a couple of seconds and then plug it in.

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