How to Setup Roku 3

Setup Roku 3

Setup your Roku 3 streaming device to stream your Favorite Movies, Videos and Other Entertainment Shows. The device Set up Include connecting your Streaming Media Player, Onscreen Set up, online account setup. Find some of the Quick and Easy Guidelines on how to Setup Roku 3

Setup Roku 3

Step 1

Connect your Streaming Media Player

  • Use a good quality HDMI cable. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the Port Located on the back side of the Roku Streaming Player and another end to the HDMI Port on your TV
  • Make sure you connect the Power adapter to the wall Outlet and the Power Connector to the back of the Roku Player
  • Ensure you follow all the Setup Roku guidelines

Step 2

Connect your Device to an Active and Secure Internet Connection

Find the Ethernet Port on your device. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the Roku Player and the other end to the back side of the Router

Step 3

Onscreen Set up

  • A Roku Logo will be Visible on your Screen once you connect the Device to an active Internet Connection.
  • In case If the Logo is not Visible, Check the Connections, Power Supply and the  Power cables, HDMI Inputs
  • Now, Pair your Remote
  • Choose the Required Language when Instructed
  • The streaming Media Player will Search for the available Networks.
  • Also, Select the exact Wireless Network name from the List that appears
  • Now, Click on the Connect Option and then  look  for the availability of the  Green Checkmarks
  • Your Roku 3 streaming device will check for the latest version of the Software and will Update them automatically
  • Wait for a few seconds till the software update is Complete and it  will take around 30 minutes to download and  update the  Software
  • A code will be visible on your Screen. You can use the Roku enter code to Link your Player to a Roku  account

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Step 4

How to create a Roku Account

  • A Roku account is essential to activate your Streaming Device. Go to the respective Link and then enter the activation code, Proceed with the Onscreen Prompts to create a Roku account
  • Use the respective Roku com link enter code to Link your Device to the account

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