How to Setup Roku Streaming Device?

Roku setup

Here is all you need to know about the Roku setup. The procedure given below are precise, make use of instructions.

1: Initial Roku setup with HDMI port

2: Power up your Roku device

3: Setting up the Roku Remote

4: Setup Network connection

5: Roku Software update

6: Roku Display Settings

Initial Roku setup

  • Find an HDMI port on the rear of your television to connect the Roku streaming device and remember in which port you have hooked up the device.
  • Once you are done with the HDMI connection, use the television remote to choose the or source option.
  • Pick the correct HDMI source from the list of input cables that appear on the television screen.


Roku Setup - input


Power up your Roku device

  • Check out the step by step instructions to turn on your Roku device and remote. One end of the USB cable should be connected to the streaming player and another end should be connected to the USB port on your television itself.
  • You can also plug in the power adapter to a direct power source which prevents errors like insufficient power. Sometimes connecting on the USB port might lead to many issues such as crashing or device malfunctioning.
  • You will get a view of the Roku logo once the connection is effective. If you can’t see the logo, just check whether you have chosen the correct HDMI port. Just execute to know more about this issue.


Setting up the Roku Remote

  • Insert the batteries on your Roku remote firmly and check whether the green light is flashing in the remote which indicates the remote’s availability for pairing. Try to use a new set of batteries if in case the green light is not lit on your remote.
  • Once you see the Roku dialog box, the automatic remote pairing will take place. To pair your Roku remote manually, you need to tap and hold the pairing button. After pairing your remote, just select the language from the list and proceed to the next step.


Setup Network connection

  • Choose your network from the list of the available network to stream your favorite movies and channels over the internet. Tapping on the “Scan again to see all networks” option will certainly show your network if it didn’t display on the screen at first.
  • One thing to remember while connecting the device is that utilizing the same network is connected to your television and mobile devices. Choose the Wireless Network and enter the exact password. Now you are all set to stream. If you’ve got issues, you can just visit   to know about the troubleshooting steps.


Roku Software update

  • Latest features and channel updates are accessible only in the most recent version of the Roku software.
  • After a successful network connection, the automatic software update is the first thing you’ll witness on the television screen.


software update

Roku Display Settings

  • You can conclude the Roku setup procedure once you are done with this step. Display setting is finding the best resolution for your television.
  • Click Yes if the automatic selection is perfect or tap on No to select the resolution manually.
  • Once you complete the above steps , you are ready to stream your favorites on Roku.

A precise view on activation procedure of Roku streaming players are available in our website, check it out. For furthermore help, you can call our technical support team on the toll-free number  +1-805-322-1700.

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