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The all-new Pandora Radio Service on Roku


Pandora is one of the best-gratified Internet Radio Service in the US. Introducing new podcasts on Pandora, you are now open to various genres right from news to entertainment. With Pandora Roku, you could experience 26 different genres of music like Country, Pop, New Music, Folk, Disco, Soul and much more by subscribing the channel. Personalize, play around and even get your own favorite podcasts of Pandora Roku from all over the globe.


Pandora Roku

Pandora Roku


Roku known for its wide collection of entertainment channels has now hands on the music field too. Pandora on Roku can give access to endless music playlists, albums, titles, and pre-releases.  Every musicophile and audiophile who is eagerly searching for music tracks should have Pandora to their collection.


Services available on Pandora:

Pandora has three levels of service that can be used to get your favorite songs.

  • Free version – Pandora
  • Pandora – Plus
  • Pandora – Premium

Out of these three, only two can be accessible with Pandora Roku.


Pandora – Free version:

Pandora free version is supported by the ads in between; users will have no access to skip the ads nor select specific tracks. Besides, this version has various criterion where a user will have no ability to flip back and forth with their favorite songs.

On the free version of Pandora Roku package, you can avail

  • Limited song access
  • No option to rewind
  • A limited number of tracks skipping

On the contrary, you can only hear the tracks according to a service auto-program where it automatically picks songs from the playlists.


Pandora Plus version:

The Plus version of Pandora has all you need in a Radio station. Subscribe pandora/roku at $4.99 on a monthly basis and avail unlimited tracks from all nooks and corners.

This version is ad-free and even lets you rewind through your favorite songs. You have a one-week free trial with the Roku com link on Roku app that’ll give you an overview of the whole package.


On Pandora Roku Plus version:

  • Ad-free subscription
  • Unlimited skips in between tracks
  • Replay, rewind, and toggle with all functions
  • Unlimited music tracks

The time-out period is quite longer than the free version and will play all your tracks without user interaction.


Pandora Premium:

The premium version gives you options to search your favorite on-demand tracks and has a lot more benefits. But as of now, the Premium version is now available only on certain devices and Roku is not a part of it.

There’s good news with the Roku’s new update though. The Roku OS 9 update this year will you give you access to the premium support. Similarly, create your own music playlist and play it according to your mood set.


Outline on getting Pandora Roku:

Prep up your Roku by giving in the to your account and start looking through the channel store for Pandora. Subscribing pandora/roku would need your payment details if you are upgrading to the plus version from the free version.


Subscribing Pandora channel on Roku:

You will have to give in your Pandora account details on your Roku to play the tracks. The moment you give in the details, it will prompt an activation code.

  • Give in the Pandora Roku code that’s been displayed on www pandora com roku and give access to your device.
  • Go on the Pandora Upgrade settings and opt for Pandora Plus option to upgrade to an elite version.
  • You will be asked to give in your card details to pay an amount of $4.99 in order to upgrade to Pandora Plus.


This will activate your Pandora channel on Roku and play your track right where you left off. With the automated service, Pandora gives options according to your previous search, favorite artists and tracks on viral lists. You can even give thumbs up to a song if you like them or tap ‘hands down’ option in case you don’t like the track.


Additionally, for more information on Pandora Roku, do visit our website Moreover, give us a call at  +1-805-322-1700 if you need our assistance on upgrading to plus version.

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