Privacy Policy

This Privacy Statement describes in detail about how Setup Roku collects, uses, transfers, and discloses data which also includes Personal Information that has been obtained through Setup Roku website or through using any form of direct or indirect communication between the Setup Roku and users.You acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by this Privacy Statement, through using the informative services of the website.

Data Collection Process

Information received from customers is recorded for the purposes to understand the model used,issues faced, handling procedures, and through one or many sources.

Name and Contact Details

All personal information of the callers are collected through Website, emails, instant chat or calls to toll free number involving both direct and indirect communication required for the purpose of rendering services and is strictly confidential.

Credentials and Payment data collection

Authentication and Account access may require information from users so as to enable Setup Roku to provide user services. All payment information is kept extremely confidential.

Device Information

Information about the devices, its current operational state and any other information shall be collected by Setup Roku.

Error Reports

This data collected as Error Reports from users shall be used to diagnose the issue so help can be extended.

Collection of Location data

During the course of providing service, Setup Roku may collect information about the device’s location for the purpose of servicing.


Cookies are used in the site for varied purposes like documents download and analysing site traffic.

Personal Information

Information is strictly confidential, unless subject to the requirements of applicable law. However, the information shall be given to the government authorities, if the rights of Setup Roku are interfered or violated.