Primary Roku setup with  Roku com link account


Setup your Roku streaming player with  Roku com link account right after you open the package and safeguard the important accessories such as the quick start guide, remote, power adapter, the batteries that you can insert in the remote and of course, the Roku device.

  • Connect the Roku streaming player and the television using a brand new HDMI cable.
  • It’s essential to provide sufficient power for the streaming player.
  • Connect one end of the power adapter to the device and another end to an electrical outlet.
  • Power up the television and check whether the Roku logo appears on your screen.
  • If the logo appears, you are on the right track. Or else, check whether you have hooked up the devices in a right manner and reconnect them.

Roku account setup

  • Setting up your Roku account is eventually the next step to move forward within the Roku device activation.
  • Visit the Roku com link account Setup site to create an account by providing important details.
  • Sign up by accepting the terms and conditions and verify that you are above eighteen years of age.
  • Once you are done with the account creation, you will be directed to My Account page where numerous options like account settings, link your device and more options are available to manage your device easily.
  • You also have an option to deactivate the account or unlink your device on the same page.

Internet connectivity

If you are connecting the device on a wireless network, choose the wireless name from the list of available networks and enter the credentials. Use an Ethernet cable to hook up the device on a wired connection.


Linking the Roku streaming player

  • Turn on the device and find the Roku activation code to enter it on the official website after signing in with the  Roku com link account.
  • Your device will be linked as soon as you type the code and click the Submit button.

Roku features

Roku streaming player is enriched with so much better than any other streaming player. Here are some features that are exclusively available in the Roku device after setting up Roku com link account.

  • Hotel & Dorm

    Family vacation or business trip, with Hotel and Dorm connect feature, it is possible to carry your Roku streaming players wherever you go.

    Go to the Settings menu and tap on the Network menu, then click Set up Connection. Finally, tap on the wireless option click on the “I am at a hotel or college dorm.

    Other than this, you can customize your Roku device such as modifying the Roku interface theme, screensaver on Roku, Roku player renaming, parental controls, and clock settings.

  • Enhanced search

    • Enhanced search is nothing but using your voice to control the device. It is possible in the Roku players that were launched recently.
    • All you need to do is, installing the Roku mobile app on your smartphones and make use of this search.
    • Click Channels and tap on the magnifying glass available at the top of your mobile screen.
    • To commence the voice search, you need to press the microphone icon and speak to your smart devices.
    • Some Roku remotes will have the microphone icon that is dedicated to this feature.

  • Closed Captioning

    Tap on the Home button and click Setting to find the Accessibility option. Captions mode will be available under the Accessibility mode and choose on, On replay, when mute and off.

  • Private listening

    One of the best features that Roku users are blessed with. You can either use the compatible Roku remote or the Roku mobile app to utilize this feature.

    All you have to do is, plug in the headphones and enable the private listening mode by clicking the Headphones icon on the app.

    The feature can be utilized in one device at a time.

Roku mobile app

Install the Roku mobile app on your mobile devices to get hold of your streaming device. Make sure that your Roku streaming device has an operating system version 6.2 or later. If you are using the Roku streaming player after a long time, you can just check for the software update manually.

Compatible devices

  • If you are using an Android mobile, then navigate to the Google Play Store and search for the Android app to install the mobile app for your device.
  • One thing to remember that you use the Android version 4.0.1 or recent versions.
  • If you are an Apple iOS user, you can just install the app from App Store using the iOS device. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iOS mobile will support the Roku mobile app. Apple iOS 6.0 or later version is required to install this app.

Roku mobile app installation

  • It’s mandatory to connect your Roku streaming player and mobile device on the same Roku wireless setup.
  • If you have issues connecting your Roku devices on a wireless network, you can detach the wireless connection and try again after some time.
  • You can also try connecting the devices on any other wireless network to check whether the issue is within the device or on your internet.
  • Once you open the Roku mobile app, you will find the Roku devices connected to your network.

Tap on the Roku streaming player you desire to manage using the mobile app. Start controlling your device once you are directed to the Roku home screen.

For furthermore set up, you can just visit our website or contact us at the toll-free number  +1-805-322-1700 mentioned on our website and have a word with our technical support team.