Setting up the Roku device

The Roku device is an outstanding contender for the position of media streaming provider for a budget price. Roku is affordable and packs a lot of features for the price that is $35. Let’s take a look at the steps to prepare a Roku com link Setup to commence. The first things to note are the items within the box, like the actual device, a standard IR remote or a point it anywhere Wi-fi remote based on your region of purchase or based on the model.

Roku com link setup

Primary Roku com link setup

To begin the setup process, gather all the required cables like the HDMI cable, the power cable which was packaged along with the box. An Ethernet cable is necessary if you opt to connect to a wired network instead of the wireless connection option.

  • To power up the device, connect one end of the power cord which was provided to the Roku device and the other end to a wall socket or extension box.
  • Once the power is connected the Roku begins to power on and plug in the HDMI cable into the TV and the other end into the Roku Device.
  • Make sure that you insert the batteries into the remote, this may be of varied size (AA or AAA) because of the area of purchase or model variations.

Once the above steps are performed Roku prompts the User to connect to the internet.

How to Connect Roku with Internet?

Connecting to the Internet

Depending on whether you choose to use a wired connection or a wireless connection these steps may vary, nevertheless let us discuss both the methods in depth.

  • If you prefer a wired connection connect the Ethernet port on the Roku device to a supported high-quality Ethernet cable and then connect the other end to your Home internet Router or Modem.
  • If you choose to go the wireless route, it eradicates the use of an extra cable. Click on Wireless network and the screen would display all the networks available to use.
  • Pick the network name of your home Wi-Fi network and press OK and Roku will prompt you to add the password for your network, enter the credential and press Ok.
  • If the connection was successful then Roku will check for the latest software and firmware updates and install them.

So once the connection is made, let’s now take a look at how to create a Roku account and link your Roku device to the newly created or existing account.


Roku account creation

  • Creating a Roku account plays a main role in the device setup, so just wrap up the Roku com link setup and move on with the device activation.
  • Visit the page and enter the necessary details. Submit the information by verifying your age and accept the terms and condition.
  • You will be redirected to a page where you will be prompted to include the Roku PIN. This step is not mandatory and you can either setup the pin or skip this step and move on with the payment setup.
  • Enter the credit card details and click on Submit to finish the Roku com link setup.

Roku device activation for Roku com link Setup

Power up your Roku streaming player and television to check whether the connection is successful. Roku logo will fill your screen and this confirms the connectivity. Now move on with device linking by reading below.

If you have an existing Roku account, then follow the steps given below to connect your purchased device to the account.

  • The TV screen shows a unique code called the activation code, copy that code or note it down on a piece of paper as it is integral for the next step
  • Visit the website Enter the activation code on the provided box and click submit.
  • Roku will immediately ask you to login/signup to add the device to your account. If you have an existing account then sign-in with your credentials.
  • Create a Roku account using the steps given above if you don’t have one as this account is very important to keep track of your subscriptions.
  • Now you are ready to include some of your favorite channels on the Roku streaming player.
  • Roku channels can be classified on the basis of subscription and you can avail a lot of contents by adding free channels like Crackle, Pluto and Vudu. The same applies to subscription channels like Netflix, Amazon and more.
  • Roku channel store is a place where tons of ton entertainment channels are available. It’s actually the best place to find a favorite channel if you don’t have any favorites. Once you scroll through the list, it’s obvious that you will find a channel suiting the necessities.
  • Channel activation commences with choosing your favorite from the channel store and tapping
  • Add channel option. Then wait until the channel app download completes and open the app.
  • The channel access code will emerge while you open the channel app for the first time. Progress through the channel activation by visiting the TV provider’s account and enter the code.

So these are the steps used to link your Roku device to the Roku account. Hopefully, you found this blog post informative and helpful. If you have further queries contact our customer service person  +1-805-322-1700 for further clarifications.