Activate Roku Com Link

Activating Roku Com Link requires the user to create an account on Roku. The streaming device does not charge subscribers for creating one. It is also important to present a valid email address to support your activation and subscription. This is because, Roku regularly sends notifications and alerts pertaining to your account activity to this mail ID. Even device activation does not attract any charges on the Roku player.



There is a QUICK START GUIDE accompanying the device that always has some useful instructions pertaining to device activation.

  • Plug the HDMI into the respective ports on the TV and the Roku (as indicated in the QUICK START GUIDE) and proceed with the activation process.
  • You may also insert the batteries into the remote to sync it with the player. Once the batteries are placed, you will see a light flashing on the remote, indicating that it has to be paired.
  • Ensure that you select the correct input on the device to setup Roku Com Link
  • Connect the device to the internet according to the instructions that feature on the TV screen.
  • After the software download has completed successfully, an activation code will appear on the screen

  • Now open a browser on another internet-enabled device, preferably your laptop
  • Otherwise, you can also use a smartphone to execute this step
  • Enter the code at the URL ( to activate the device and press SUBMIT
  • An ACTIVATION SUCCESSFUL message will appear both on the TV and the PC / smartphone simultaneously
  • At this point, you may be asked to create an account
  • Navigate to the CREATE A ROKU ACCOUNT page to do the needful

Note: If you do not wish, then you don’t have to enter the payment information immediately. You can also do it at a later date

  • Set a PIN if you so wish to control purchases on the account

Activation issues on Roku Com Link

Code errors

If you are getting an error when you enter the activation code, then maybe you have made a typing mistake. Try entering it in slowly once again, after verifying the code on your other device. If it still doesn’t work, then on the Roku device use the player’s remote to press the * or STAR button. The screen refreshes to display a new Roku com Link Code. Go back to the URL to enter the code once again.

Screen freezing problems

Sometimes, the device gets stuck at the screen where the code has been entered. The screen freezes and does not seem to navigate any further. First, users should know that it does take a while for the syncing process. Thereafter, once your doubts are cleared and the screen does not move even after a long wait, then retrace and see if all the steps that you have completed are correct. Most of the time, you will see an ROKU ERROR CODE 001 message if the linking is unsuccessful.

For all setup and troubleshooting for Roku Com Link, reach out to our agents for a solution +1-805-322-1700.