Roku Com Link setup and Activation code

Follow the blog to know the steps for Roku- com-link setup and activation code.

The Roku streaming player provides nonstop entertainment. Roku by far is the front runner among other streaming players. They are comparatively cheaper than other devices available in the market. You can setup a Roku device very easily.

Activate your Roku Code

Setting up any model of the Roku

The steps for setting up the Roku device are more or less the same for all models. This blog will provide you the instructions for basic setup which is applicable for any type Roku streaming player.

How to connect streaming player to your TV

  • All the models of Roku work well with TVs having an HDMI connection
  • Use a high speed HDMI cable to get the best quality output

Check Roku-com-Link for more details.

  • Some models of Roku have connection options for older TV.
  • They have composite video connection along with HDMI connection

Setting up the streaming player

  • Insert the HDMI cable or composite cable into the streaming player
  • You can connect the Ethernet cable into the player Ethernet port( if available)
  • Devices with no Ethernet port can connect to the wireless network
  • Plug in the power cord to your player
  • Connect the power adapter to a wall mount power unit
  • Put batteries into the Roku remote.

Setup: (Roku com link)

  • Choose your preferred language
    • Make sure you choose the language correctly.
    • All the setup, text and dialog boxes will appear in the language you choose.
    • Press ok on your Roku remote to confirm your language selection
  • Internet connection setup
    • You can connect the Ethernet cable directly into your Roku device (if the model has a Ethernet port)
    • Connect to a wireless network for other models
    • Choose your wireless network name from the networks available list
    • Provide the password
    • Scan again if you do not find your network
    • Opt for show password to prevent wrong entry
    • Click on connect to connect your Roku device with a wireless network
  • Software update
    • As soon as you connect your device with an internet connection, it will look for the latest version software
    • the software will download automatically
  • Roku account
    • You should have a Roku account to activate the Roku device
    • Roku account will have a track of the Roku device linked to it.
    • Purchase free channels from the channel store after you create a Roku account
    • After you create a Roku account, you will get the activation code.
    • Your device setup is successful

Activation in

Visit our website using your laptop and provide the activation code

  • Enter the link code and click on submit.
  • Log in into your Roku account
  • Follow the instruction that come on the screen without leaving any
  • When you create a Roku account choose the payment option to purchase the channels
  • After successful activation you can use your Roku device

Error codes:

There are few possible error codes that you may encounter during the setup or while using the device

  • 011 Error code
  • 009 Error code
  • 014 Error code
011 Error code

This indicates a failed software update/ the Roku software update server was not reached. Reboot the device and connect to the internet connection again.

009 Error code

No internet access. Reboot all your devices (Roku device and router)

014 Error code

Problem with the internet connection- Try to connect your device with an Ethernet cable. Check if your internet is working properly.

Streaming player market has 3 major players: Roku Inc, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. Of those Roku is ranked as the number one seller in 2017. For more help visit our website or contact our customer care executives for guidance.