Roku Media Player To Play Videos And Music

Roku Media Player to play Videos and Music

Roku Media Player has its channels available for download through the Channel Store. Some of the streaming devices may also have them pre-installed. Watch your own personal video files, listen to your favorite music, and view your photos using the Roku device’s USB port (if available). You can even enjoy your entertainment by accessing a media server on your local network. To play all media you must have activated your Roku Media Player To Play Videos And Music with the Roku activation code.

Playing USB Drive Stored Content:

Some of the Roku devices have a built-in USB port. Connect an external USB drive and play locally stored photos, audios, and video files. You can also connect more than one USB drive to your Roku device if you have an existing USB hub.

  •  Identify the USB port on the player and insert your USB device
  •  If your Media Player is not configured, then complete the Roku Activation Code process first
  •  Your media player will automatically detect your drive

Roku Media Player to play Videos and Music

Playing content available on the LAN (local area network):

You can share content between devices, over the network, using the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), which is a standard technology. You can play content stored on another device or computer from your Roku device by using DLNA, if the other device is also running DLNA server software and additionally, is available on the same network.

The Roku Media Player can work with Windows Media Player, Serviio, Plex, Twonky, PlayOn, Mini DLNA, Ready DLNA and Ready Media all of which are compatible with DLNA servers.

Media file Types Compatible with the Roku player:

Not all Roku devices support the same file formats. Additional formats are supported by a newer firmware on the device. Your TV type and the A/V receiver determine the type of audio formats supported by the Roku. Access the Help pages from the Media Type selection and the Media Device screens.

Most Roku players support Dolby Audio. Connect your Roku player through the HDMI and have a receiver that can decode the Dolby Digital to enjoy surround sound.

The Roku device specifications also determine the audio capabilities of your player.

Find more about Roku Media Player to play Videos and Music

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To Use the Roku Media Player to Play Music or Video:

Go to Media Type Selection and click on the media type
Select the device from which you have the content to play – you may have to navigate through the folders to select your appropriate content

Roku Fact: Unsupported file formats are not displayed

Once you find your file, press ‘Ok’ or select Play

Features available while playing your file (you have to use the Play/Pause, Forward and Rewind buttons on your remote):

  •  Pause
  •  Skip forward
  •  Skip backwards
  •  Press Back to stop the playback

Note: Fast-forward and rewind options may not work for all file formats.

Tips: Click Play on your folder to play your music, videos, and photos. There are options on your remote for you playback and browse your content on the media player. You can also convert your files so that they are recognizable by your Roku com link sign in.

Furthermore, Use the Roku activation code to setup your media player. visit us at or call us +1-805-322-1700.

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