Warning for Roku Users About Pirated Channels

Pirate Channels Warning

It’s common knowledge that we can add private channels that don’t appear on the Roku channel store. Though most of these channels are harmless, there is a dark side to the remaining few. And so Roku has taken out most such channels from its platform. However, you can still add such channels to your Roku account. But not before you get a Warning for Roku users about pirated channels.

Warning for Roku Users About Pirated Channels

What to do when you face such warnings?

Here are some of the best ways to overcome the warning for Roku users about pirated channels

If you find this warning on any existing channel, then make sure that you are streaming content that has no copyright violations. You may be subject to legal actions if you continue to stream in spite of the warnings. In case you find that some pirated channels have made any copyright infringement, then you may report it to Roku. They have a portal specifically available for reporting such copyright violations.

Roku has taken some stringent actions owing to a lawsuit filed against them in Mexico. It led to the local retailers taking these devices off their shelves. The following suit many such illegal channels are no longer available on the Roku com link platform. The piracy of movies and shows have come as a big blow to their producers. Therefore, they are planning for counter actions to curb such illegal activities. Roku warning users on pirate channels is definitely an eye-opener to other streaming device platforms.

Alternatives to such pirate channels

There are numerous legal channels available on the channel store. Alternatively, you can also choose from an array of private channels available exclusively for Roku users. There are many free channels that cater to your streaming needs. And you can also opt to buy a subscription channel using your credit card or PayPal info.

You can browse according to the genre from the channel store which has very interesting options for users. For instance, choose workout videos from the fitness genre. And do all this without any legal complications.

This has to be a joint action taken by the device manufacturer and the common public to completely eradicate this plague. Before you add any channel to your Roku device, make sure it has been activated using Roku code link. If you don’t already have one or have missed your old one, call us for help and we will help you get your device activated. Also, make use of our chat facility to contact our support team at +1-805-322-1700 or visit us at https://www.setuproku.com

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