Watch out for the Best Roku Channels of 2017

Housing the biggest ever content library, the Brand Roku is unbeatable with regards to content. With umpteen choices to keep you on the edge, it is essential to stream the best channel choices to get the most of your streaming fun. Read on to find some of the biggest and unparalleled entertainment on your cards. Be tuned into this space as we bring to you the best of entertainment channels that ought to be added to your account.

Best Roku channels 2017

Amazon Prime

The Amazon Prime might leave you a bit wondering about the membership fee, but nothing equals to the superlative program list hosted by them. Welcome yourself to a sea of TV shows and Movies.

The Exceptional Netflix

Maybe its Netflix which has brought out the concept of binge watching. The Classy programming made with a conglomerate mix of all the recent hits just leaves you wanting for more.


Channels like HBO now and Go are real treats for new users. If you are looking for good TV shows, this is the place to be. Note that the HBO Now is a streaming channel, but you would need a cable subscription for HBO Go.


Which channel is the leading deal maker with major networks? Hulu is one of the most favorite channels for people as you get to stream recent episodes which have just been aired! You have to check out Hulu by yourself to witness the magic.


Loving Amazon Video? If you are a lover of buying and streaming shows, and 4K films is your default choice, you could try FandangoNOW.

CBS All Access

CBS All Access offers an exclusive access to wholesome programming, which proudly holds close to 2000 titles.

Sling TV

Though this is for subscription, Sling TV comes along with great additional channel packages. The most strategic point is that Sling TV is more economical than a cable subscription allowing users to have a great entertainment access.


Pandora is well known for creating customized channels based on your taste and preferences. A simple artist or genre selection is enough for pandora to strike up a flow of music that best suits the environment. There can’t be a better way to change your Roku to a jukebox. Get Pandora and do away with DJs!


Twitch is one of the most popular video channels that streams all the top video games based on your skill level and choice. If playing video games is your hobby, get Twitch for both free and paid versions.


PlayOn uses PC to enable Roku to use the Pc or laptops as media server. This includes not just streaming channels, but also includes recording online video content.


Showtime can weave pure magic when most of the favorite shows are aired on ShowTime! Most users receive ShowTime as a part of their package deal, as it is stand-alone streaming channel.